3D Printed Home


Luxury, 3-D printed home, built within 24 hours, affordable, on-site build, weatherproof

We build any size 3-d printed homes within 24 hours (often less than 12 hours). Submit your drawing to us and we will consult with you on a time and date to start building. These houses are shells, so the electrical and plumbing will need to get done post-production. For the developers out there: we can build hundreds of these if you would like to create a development of homes that INCREASES YOUR MARGINS. We also can construct commercial buildings, hotels and any type of structure with 3-D printed materials.

Need a coffee shop or porta potties built? We can supply you with low-cost options.

We build INTERNATIONALLY – we have done projects all over the world. We are also able to supply smart home electronics with the home at affordable rates. Yes, the homes are as nice as they look in the pictures. advantages: anti-seismic, windproof, heat and sound insulation Lifetime of home: 50 years or more performance roof load 0.5KN/sqm(can reinforce the structure as required) Wind speed designing wind speed: 210km/h (Chinese standard) seismic resistance magnitudes 8 temperature suitable temperature.-50°C~+50°C